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Below you will find archived paintings that Bobby has completed as commissions or sold at a gallery. To contact Bobby regarding one of these pieces or a painting commission, please fill out the form on the contact page. 

Lily and Ferne | Sold
Brown and White | Sold
Spider Villa | Sold
Post Office II | Sold
End of Road | Sold
Kato | Commission
Green Shutters | Sold
Demo Day | Sold
Jockey's Ridge Dunes | Sold
Coming Storm | Sold
Dead Oak | Sold
Across from John's | Sold
Wanchese West Side | Sold
Yellow Shutters | Sold
Heading South | Sold
Linda Gayle | Sold
Joy | Sold
Coquina Beach | Sold
Old Nags Head | Sold
Afternoon Shadow | Sold
Before the Burnoff | Sold
Swift Creek Reservoir | Sold
Rassawek Bridge | Sold
Rassawek Barn | Sold
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    Coming Storm | Sold